Company Profiles

HUGONG is the leading manufacturer for Fiber laser machine and CNC plasma machine in China.
As the fisrt manufacturer of cutting machines in China, Since it beginning in 1958, HUGONG benefits from a wealth experience of cutting. Publicly listed on SSE, HUGONG currently holds the largest market share in its field.
We has built a strong reputation for quality fiber laser machines and CNC plasma machines, more than 18500 HUGONG brand cutting machines are installed since 1958.
More than 108 countries distributors has establish partnership with us and built long term cooperation with HUGONG team. We have full range of Fiber laser machines from 1KW to 20KW, our CNC plasma cutting machines covers air plasma table to high definition gantry.
Our manufacturer area is 130,000 m2 with more than 300 working staff. The whole management is controlled by ORACLE system.

Market Position

since 1958 manufacture the first CG1-60 straight cutting machine, semi-automatic cutting machine, steel pipe pile oxyacetylene cutting machine, quick cutting nozzle, CNC cutting machine, tube hole cutting machine, and high-power steel preheating device.

A world leader in welding and cutting machine manufacturing. The largest welding and cutting equipment manufacturer in China. First publicly listed on SSE in its field in China."

Cover hundred of countries and regions.

Thousands of distributors worldwide Millions of machines at service

China’s No. 1 exporter of Welding and Cutting machines since 2013.

Build an extensive, integrated worldwide sales and service network.Constantly to enhance their relationship with customers, and have implemented systems to offer strong pre and post-sales technical support.

Location Advantage

■ Shanghai is renowned as one of the main industrial centers of China, and the world's biggest container port. Based on a long history of consistent economic development and auspicious geography, Shanghai has become a dynamic economic, financial, trade, and transportation center in the world today.

International Cooperation


Year 2021

HUGONG-IOT-SYSTEM for fiber laser cutting machine.

Year 2021

HUGONG 10m width - format Gantry style fiber laser cutting equipment

Year 2020

Hugong developed beveling cut & auto sorting on plasma cutting machine.

Year 2020

The construction of the first phase of Hugong Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was completed, and the factory was moved and put into use.

Year 2019

release 10KW fiber laser machine.

Year 2018

Hugong trademark was selected into the first batch of Shanghai key trademark protection list.

Year 2018

Established Hugong Intelligent Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.

Year 2017

start the project of high power fiber laser cutting machine.

Year 2017

The group company acquired the equity of Shanghai Shenxing Robot Automation Technology Co., Ltd., and officially entered the field of automotive body-in-white flexible welding production line manufacturing.

Year 2016

Shanghai Hugong Group was publicly listed on main board of Shanghai Exchanging stock, it becomes to be the biggest market value company in its field.

Year 2014

The First Multi function CNC Cutting machine developed and innovated in 2014.

Year 2011

The First Square Tube CNC Cutting machine developed and innovated in 2011.

Year 2009

The First Robot system for H beam production line developed and innovated in 2009

Year 2009

The group company is set up with core companies of Shanghai Hugong Electric Welding Machine Mfg Co.,Ltd and Shanghai Gas Welding Equipment Co.,Ltd. And the group company was named as Shanghai Hugong Electric (Group) Co.,Ltd.

Year 2000

The first High Power Steel Preheating Equipment of GYR series initiated in 2000(patented product).

Year 1998

The company renamed as Shanghai Hugong Electric Welding Machine Mfg Co.,Ltd

Year 1987

CNC Flame&Plasma cutting Machine CNC-6000produced in1987.(won the first prize for new products in shanghai).

Year 1984

The First CNC-4a CNC Cutting Machine in Chinaimitiated in1984.(Won the first prize for excellent new products in Shanghai, while awarded the second prize for technologicalinnovation by the National Machinery Commission)

Year 1979

The Steel pipe Pile Oxyacetylene Inner Gas Cutter CG2-60 initiated in 1979(awarded the 2”Prize by Shanghai Government).

Year 1964

Semi-auto Gas Cutter CG1-30 developed by us in 1964.

Year 1958

Model CG1-60,the first Direct line Gas Cutter in China,came into being in1958.