Technical Parameter

Power supply1P/220V/50HZ or Customized
Typical welding thickness0.5 to 8mm
Emission Wavelength1070-1090nm
Laser resonator1KW,1.5KW,2KW
PositioningRed light positioning
Power Modulation Rate20Khz
Machine Weight400KG

Compact design

Excellent compact design, machine is fully assembled shipment. Laser resonator, welding head etc are all installed during shipment, no re-assembled and wiring jobs during on-site installation. One worker can finish installation within 3 hours.


Humanized design

Perfect humanized and user-friendly design, easy operation! Worker without any welding experience can learn how to use within half day.


Fast welding speed

Very fast welding speed, much more faster than traditional arc welding, up to 120mm/s welding speed Welding efficiency increased by 2-10 times compared with arc welding.


High technology with safety protection

Machine designed with high technology, safety switches and circuits are install to ensure operator’s safety, enjoy your welding without any worry.

Why Laser Welding?

Laser welding
Traditional Arc Welding
Welding speedVery FastVSSlow
Welding heatVery LowHigh
Welding qualityFish scale jointSmooth joint
Welding accuracyHighLow
Operation difficultyEasyDifficult
Power consumptionLowHigh
Consumables costVery LowHigh
Fume and smokeLowHigh


Cutting Samples