Technical Parameter

Power supply3P/380V/50HZ or Customized
Effective Cutting width (mm)2000 to 4000
Effective Cutting length(mm)≥6000
Plasma PowerHypertherm MAXPRO200, Powermax series
Thermal Dynamics CutMaster series
Max position speed12m/min
Position accuracy±0. 5mm/m
Repeated accuracy0.2mm/m
Flame cutting thickness5-120mm
Plasma cutting thicknessDue to plasma power

Heavy duty structure machine frame

Complicated excellent frame design to achieve high cutting performance, machine frame is processed by heat treatment to keep high accuracy all using life.


High quality cutting

Ready to work with air plasma power, Hypertherm PMX series and Maxpro200, Thermal Dynamics CutMaster series.

maxpro 200.png

Servo motor drive

High power Panasonic servo motor on X Y axis.


Automatic torch height control

Machine is produced with automatic torch height control. Arc voltage THC with DC motor lifting make sure the cutting torch stay at same height during cutting process.



Cutting Samples